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  1. matteo Reply

    My name is Matteo. I am an University student from Italy and I really would like to do the ”European voluntary service” next year.
    I’ve found your organization in the database of the EVS receiving organization.
    I am wondering if in 2015 you will host volunteers with this program.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Best regards

    Matteo Morsiani

  2. Yarik Gerashchenko Reply

    Hello, dear Matteo.

    Thanks for your inquiry. Yes, we really plan to host volunteers from 2015 but stretching into 2016 and before their start we have to apply together with the partner NGOs. Are you available to wait this time to start the duty? Please, provide your personal mail-box to my address: [email protected].

    With respect,
    Yarik Gerashchenko (E+coordinator in YNGO “Nashe Podillia”)

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